Ali Zafar Releases PSL2020 Song ‘Mela Loot Liya’

Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar has released his song ‘Mela Loot Liya’ on social media for the Pakistan Super League.

The song, released , and watched by more than three million people on YouTube by Tuesday morning.

A large number of social media users have liked and commented on this song. On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League, PSL’s official song ‘Tayyar Ho’ was released with the lead singer Ali Azmat. The song has been criticized by social media users after Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar started hitting Twitter.

Ali Zafar promised to produce a song in his voice at the insistence of his fans during a TV interview,¬†which was released on Sunday after a very short production. The Mela loot liya ‘Ali Zafar’s voice has been recorded on which he and others have performed.

Ali Zafar also asked his fans to make their dance videos for the video and send it to those who have been included in the song. The duration of the “Mela Loot Liya” is five minutes and ten seconds. Ali Zafar also gave the message to his fans by giving the message that nothing would have been possible without his fans.

The songs of the first three editions of the PSL were played by Ali Zafar. But PSL Season Two’s song ‘Abb Khel Jamega’ is considered by fans to be the best song ever.

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